María Galán Lozano

The future depends on our ability to promote talent

Expert in Regulatory Affairs, China
12 of December of 2022

Writing an opinion is a novelty for me, forgive this intrusiveness. I am more used to dossiers, reports, arguments, scientific-technical expertise and litigation, of course, relating to beauty, in many of its multidisciplinary aspects. But I got flattered, and I get on top

Give a contributory opinion on the next in beauty requires for me a mathematical reasoning that goes through to try do of a variable a value, and develop an equation to arrive to a result or conclusion.

The result expected is the beauty.

Without restriction of colours and with free forms, without attaching to rules, of the visible, of the invisible and in the hid, of form instinctive and distinctive, are born diverse forms of beauty. Like this it achieved it Picasso illustrating to a woman in front of a mirror, in a picture, with a lot of talent,

The notion of talent suffers the absence of a definition harmonised, is an equation. The concept of talent and his complicated management is a recurrent subject in the world of the businesses. Speak of talent in the actuality requires of a big knowledge by part of the people and organisations that have in his business project offer an aggregated value and differentiator in a competitive frame like innovative companies that go in search of his sustainability and positioning in this era of globalisation; that every time they are more demanding, no only in the external strengths, but, by the contrary, in the research to find, qualify, value and potentialize talents that benefit his business interests.

From my point of view refers to potential heights in specific competitions, additive values with a common aim.

Talent observe from the distance. Different talents, many, a full palette of colours and an open canvas to a lot of opportunities to contribute in so much beauty, confusing with art the continuity of planes, lines and colours, further of territories and subjective normalisations.

Spain is a full country of advantages, with innovative companies in a lot of fields, High Tech, start-ups, feeding, fashion, luxury, and, of course, beauty. Our capacity of adaptation, our interpersonal skills, flexibility, commitment and responsibility, our results and capacity to inspire, are big catalysts. The use sensible of our talent, of our skills and particular knowledges to the service of the potential, does of us a very legitimate and competitive actor in beauty.

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María Galán Lozano

María Galán Lozano

Expert in Regulatory Affairs, China

With a scientific background, Maria Galán has 18 years of experience working in R+D+i at the L'Oréal Group, from the Parisian headquarters, internationally, with a wide range of brands, in all categories: skin care , makeup, hair care and coloring, fragrances and hygiene. From formulation, throughout the product life cycle, to consumers. Since the beginning of the regulatory transition in China, 2020, completely focused on understanding and solving the specific ins and outs of this rapidly growing market. Graduated in Chemistry from the University of Salamanca, specialized in Cosmetology and Dermopharmacy from the Center for Higher Studies of the Pharmaceutical Industry, in Madrid, and in Health Law from the Paris XI University.
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