We circulate

Mireia Montserrat
Business Development Manager at TRISON Scent
01 of December of 2022
The circularity
The circularity

The human beings have imposed us of irrational way be active: in movement acutely, of persistent form, and with a frantic activity.

Of this way have generated us a need to consume: time, activated, and goods of consumption.

Where the value resides in: travel, be active, and where the society to do and have is a need, and especially communicate it to our surroundings, involving our followers or acquantaince of any activity or attainment, small or big...

We raise us in the morning with the purpose to be active, to do things, give him felt to the day, to arrive to the night rest and turn to begin. The daily routine. And now we do of our life a shop window for all the world showing each detail of our day.

Always of a way or another, we remain active. Physics or mentally take the dynamics like a natural fact, essential and intrinsic. Of another way would not be alive. Even they exist theories of life after the death. "Non stop!"

We walk, we move us, we visit, we stroll, we pass, we cross, we run through, we allow, circulate.

The current rhythm of the society of consumption is affecting directly on the resources of the planet. In natural cycle, don't exist scraps since the end of life of a be transforms in nutrients for another protagonist. The natural systems are inseparably cyclical.

Instead, we humans have broken that perfect cycle that has so far remained balanced and stable, to generate a lot of CO2 that exerts a greenhouse effect that unbalances the climate and a lot of waste products with an end of life that takes hundreds of years to disappear and has ceased to be a nutrient for the next process to be a hazard.

It will be necessary to begin to pose if it would not be necessary by the same that the products also have the capacity to renew , to transform and reconvert.

Nowadays, the majority of the articles design inside a cycle of linear life. Manufacture, use, and throw.

Award him to a same different product options of utility, offers us the possibility to lengthen his vital cycle, increasing his value and contributing to a new economic paradigm social.

If we lengthen the life of the objects, are promoting of active way a circular economy and collaborative. In addition to adopting an attitude of consumption much more beneficial and intelligent, no only for the health of our planet but also for our own pocket.

The circularity offers in this sense a different destination for the products and a new opportunity of use to the consumer.

But also it will contribute profits inside the business sector with a reduction of risks regarding the vacillation and unsteadiness of the prices of the prime matters and his energetic resources. By not mentioning the current dependency that generate these constant increases in the available price final of the article, affecting directly to the user or consumer.

A new way to build, giving step to new lines of business and of services, a reuse of the waste that have produced and an important reduction in the costs of management.

It treats to cause an advance to new models of business circulate with direct implication of the technology, the innovation, the creativity and the talent inside the companies. Reinforcing his corporate values and to his time creating a new competitive element in the market.

If we spoke of a perfect system of circular economy, the value of the products could become more durable, the waste reduces considerably, and the resources conserve inside the economy even when a product has arrived at the end of his useful life, since it goes to be used repeatedly and will continue creating value.

Like company will have to advance in this direction. Sometime it will be necessary to be more responsible in this regard, of the contrary there will be sufficient resources to create a sustainable economy.

If we pose it like tool of marketing, perhaps was this a new way to create a bond of connection very special between the mark and the consumer, impacting in that the experience of purchase was even more positive. A concept 360º in his more complete sense.

Like human beings, generate acts of commitment, with the consciousness to know that we are contributing to simplify and of some way to reduce problems of excess of materials in the environment.

If we do it under the prism of the consciousness, will be contributing our granite of sand to a more polite and respectful society, also with the products.

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Mireia Montserrat

Mireia Montserrat

Business Development Manager at TRISON Scent

Mireia Montserrat currently works as Business Development Manager at TRISON Scent, a division of the TRISON Group, specialized in offering aromatic solutions through olfactory marketing. Since her professional beginnings, she has always had a close relationship with the world of beauty, well-being and aromas with a focus on customer experience. Her professional career has allowed her to learn and enjoy the connection that exists between customers and brands through sensory experiences and how to strengthen this link through emotions in the business sector. She likes challenges and is committed to projects that provide new experiences as a way of personal and professional growth.
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