Spaniards continue to choose cosmetics and perfumery in the sales period

Studies by Deloitte and the Cetelem Observatory indicate that the average spending of Spaniards has fallen during Christmas and sales

02 of February of 2023

Entering the month of February and with the perspective that it offers us, the Estudio de Consumo of Deloitte shows us the cost of the Spaniards during Christmas season. Thanks to it, we can know the quantity of money invested in the Christmas gifts, the variation of this budget and which categories are the preferred during these festivities.

Although the Deloitte Study estimated that Spanish households would invest an average of 634€ in Christmas gifts, 3€ more than the previous year, the truth is that this investment was lower. The study carried out by the Cetelem Observatory indicated that, finally, the Spanish fixed their average expenditure at 550€. Among the preferred categories for adults when choosing these gifts, there is cosmetics and perfumery. Specifically, this type of products occupies the second position in the preference of Spaniards, behind clothing and footwear, although the latter has lost relevance compared to 2021. According to the study prepared by the Cetelem Observatory, perfumes have been the products most given away by the Spanish. 44% of respondents chose this alternative, compared to 36% last year

Another of the notes that points out this study by Deloitte, is that the physical channel has led the intention of spending Spaniards during the holidays. Specifically, for cosmetics and perfumery, the balance of consumption is tilted towards local shops. This is mainly due to the experiential part that relates to cosmetics and perfumery and the act of enjoying and perceiving the product before acquiring it.

On the other hand, although spending on Christmas shopping has increased, another study also conducted by Google and Ipso, concluded that 80% of the consumers had investigated or looked for in several places webs before making the purchase. Of the same way, the study signalled that a third of the respondents was had to buy in marks and shops where never before had bought, and besides, almost the half of the respondents, ensure to be attentive to discover new marks.

Sales mark the month of January, although less and less

The sales of the month of January is an event indicated by the Spanish in their calendar to take advantage of the decrease in prices, although the intention of spending evidences that the campaigns before the entrance of Christmas gets a greater attention by the Spanish. The average expenditure during this period of sales, according to some media generalists reached the €94,4, 2% less than the past 2022. As it indicates the study elaborated by Cetelem, the perfumery and the beauty treatments are the most sold products during the period of sales. The majority of this shopping makes by the mails that receive in the inbox, since such as it shows the study of Cetelem, the opening tax of these mails reaches 55%. A similar behavior happens with the tax of click in the 'Call To Action', where the announcements that refer to the discounts attain a tax of clicks of 19%, with regard to the annual average that marks 13%.