Quadpack develops new pack for Bonjout

The packaging produced exclusively for this French brand has been dubbed 'quiet luxury' because of its white lacquer

15 of November of 2023

Quadpack has created an airtight aluminium jar that keeps the formula in perfect condition. The jar was custom-designed for the Bonjout Beauty brand.

The brand chose Quadpack to develop this luxury pack, which consists of an aluminium outer shell and a PP inner receptacle that is compatible with the complex formula inside. It is a product that has been produced without water, so it was essential that the pack was protected from the elements when not in use, a goal that was achieved thanks to its airtight design.

The packaging has been dubbed 'quiet luxury', featuring a matt cream-white lacquer finish, along with the brand's logo in bas-relief on the lid. As the packaging supplier says, they wanted to help the French brand because they placed so much importance on the packaging and worked with the Quadpack team to achieve the desired product.