Pressology: The new trtamiento corporal of Germaine Of Capuccini

Germaine of Capuccini incorporates in his line Expert Lab a protocol that reduces the celulitis and remodels the body of personalised form, fast and safe

16 of November of 2023
Germaine de Capuccini
Germaine de Capuccini

Pressology Avanced Morphological Press System Is the most advanced team, precise and effective in the field of the presoterapia. It treatsof a machine of last generation that represents the culmination of almost 40 years of knowledges in R&D of Germaine of Capuccini, the company leader in the sector.

It is a simple method, natural and very effective, acts by means of some special boots divided in three pieces: abdomen, legs and feet. Through these boots appliesa positive pressure controlled of ascending form (similar to a manual and pleasant massage), that stimulates the circulatory system generating a drainage veno-lymphatic and favouring the elimination of liquids, fats and toxins, factors that cause celulitis, edemas, varices...
The massage directs the liquids to the key points of drainage reducing the volume in the areas affected by the excessive retention of liquids, and giving back of immediate form the lightness and the welfare to the body.

The team of Pressology Avanced Morphological Press System allows to do a personalised treatment attending to the type of morphology, sex, problematic and size of each person. Of this form obtainresults faster because the action goes more focalizada to the problem.

Pressology Incorporates múltiples advances that present it like the best alternative of the market.

The boots are divided in 3 independent parts -abdomen, legs, and feet- and adaptto distinct corporal heights guaranteeing that downloads and pressures makewhere correspond (zones ganglionares lymph́ticas).

  • Electroválvulas Intelligent, diseñadas with a sensor of presión that makes a pre-bloated previous to the treatment to take the measure of the patient.
  • Double type of bloated: massage that combines presión sustained and pumpings followed. They exert pressures very similar to the ones of a manual massage.
  • "Opening of saẃace" in zones ganglionares previous to the start of the program.
  • Rigid sole to make a suitable drainage.
  • Double use: like only treatment, as well as I complement to another type of treatment to increase the efficiency.