L'Oréal says it maintains a limited presence in Russia

The company operates its plant near the capital and employs more than 2,000 people

30 of November of 2023

L'Oréal maintains its presence in Russia, but, he says, only to a limited extent. The company's CEO Nicolas Hieronimus explained in an interview on a French TV channel that L'Oréal continues to operate on Russian territory with limited capacity

L'Oréal employs more than 2,200 workers in Russia and has a plant in the Russian city of Kaluga, which is located south of Moscow. The production site produces shampoos, hair dyes and baby care products and has denied any possibility of closure, with Hieronimus assuring that "we cannot stop the economy". Nicolas Hieronimus specified that, "these are essential everyday products that allow us to keep our factory running, pay salaries and protect the safety of our employees in Russia".

Despite the fact that many cosmetics, fashion and luxury companies decided to abandon their activities in Russia after the war declared by Vladimir Putin to the Ukrainian country, L'Oréal has been one of the companies that has not ceased its activity and production in the country. In March, a few days after the outbreak of the conflict, L'Oréal announced that it would temporarily close its shops in Russia, but that it was keeping its factory near the capital open and active.