How communicate the sustainability?

Agnès Patau
Account Director at IMAGO
30 of November of 2022
What is the correct way to communicate the sustainability?
What is the correct way to communicate the sustainability?

That the sustainability is not a fashion, don’t have to convince anyone anymore, do you?

  • 66% of the consumers ensure to be had to pay more by a "responsible brand", according to a report of Nielsen.
  • If an advertising message reffers to the sustainable performance of the brand, the percentage of purchase of this product increase between 17% and 21%, according to the same report.
  • 57% of the consumers would change voluntarily their habits of purchase to help to reduce the negative impact in the environment, according to a study of 2020 of National Retail Federation.

We are in a moment of the history in which the conscious consumers don't stop to grow and where no longer matters only the product, now matters the company. According to studies of Ocu and Nesi, 73% of the global consumers concerns by the company, not only by the product, in the moment to take a decision of purchase. The customer no longer looks for only the best product, now looks for the best company that do the product that wishes. And how know that a company is better that another? Communicating it.

Don't exist perfect companies, any organization is it. The sustainability is a commitment, a way to live, to think and to act. It isn't a goal, this is the way. Because no matter how sustainable we are, there will always be areas where we can improve. Therefore the communication is the key that goes us to differentiate.

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What aspects should we take into account when communicating the sustainability of our company?

  1. The first, transparency. Be honest and transparent is essential when we speak of standards ESG. Ey! We aren't the best. No, we aren't perfect. No, we do not want to do you think that are it. But we are here with the clear aim to be the best company FOR the planet.
  2. The second, data, data and more data. Following the relation of the transparency, does not treat to show perfect data, but yes real. It shares figures that the consumer can understand. Compare them with previous years or with concepts that can measure and identify clearly. For example, how much CO2 have saved like company with the sustainable measures that have applied? How many trees planted would that be? How many kg of waste have avoided producing the last year?
  3. The third and very important: it is necessary to have a plan of action. Because as we are not perfect, we can improve. And as we can improve, the customer wants to know which are our aims of improvement and how pose us arrive to them. It does not suffice with announcing what already have done, is precise to share that that want to achieve, to short, half and long term. Because the sustainability is a way on a long-term basis, and communicate it like this will situate us in the mind of the consumer like a committed company that has foreseen to follow working in this sense by a lot of years, further of the "current" fashion.

Communicate the sustainability can give some fear of entrance, but is precise to do it. We have to struggle to surpass the distrust and the misinformation of the consumer and give him the necessary tools to find what looks for and believe us. We think that, in the current surroundings, if we do not speak of our mark, probably will do it others and there will not have the control of the message. And always it is better to go by in front that not having to justify in front of an indictment or malicious comment. Repeat us the mantra of the transparency and trust. We don't have objection in exposing the difficulties that find us and are positive. It treats to involve to the people, no to frighten off it.

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The sustainability is a transversal subject that affects to all the sectors and fields and the consciousness of the consumer on the environmental half problems never has been so high as now. With the climatic change and the inequality looming the natural systems, social, economic and politicians, the world is demanding with more strength that never that the business and financial leaders act and make the difference. Make it.


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