The finalists in digital innovation nominated for the Digital Beauty Awards (II)

It knows in this second delivery any of the candidatures in digital innovations for the next DBA

15 of September of 2022
Digital Beauty Awards
Digital Beauty Awards

Every time we are more near. In so only a week, on 22 September will celebrate the second edition 'Digital Beauty Awards', organised by the Beauty Cluster. They are received by the sector of the beauty with big expectancy and interest. The one of digitalisation, is one of the categories of the prizes that wakes up a latent eagerness between the assistants and been mad about of the industry, thus, bring you some of the candidatures that have been selected like finalists to be presents in The Pedrera next Thursday.


  • PERFUME'S CLUB: it Has achieved to implement an only strategy in the sector. In his physical shops, follows betting by the personalización, and does it even more with this new project. It has done it by means of the placing of virtual screens to do requests or test products of beauty in situ, ofreciento an approach to the digital and allows to the company have capacity to answer to the demand demarcate and customers.
  • TRISON NECSUM/PRIMOR: This nomination to the category answers to the digitalisation of the new flagshio of Primor in the Big road of Madrid. It treats of an installation of digital art that integrates and mimetiza to perfection with the composition and architecture of the building. The façade has the digital shop windows in the low plant and with transparent technology in the upper plant show only digital experiences. Account also with a photocall digital interactive, where the users, visitors and customers can take out a photo in the interior of the shop integrated in a content of digital art. The purpose of this project was to strengthen and create a vínculopara that the visitors seat part of the space, remember the experience and have the need to recommend it and share it.


  • INTERIM MANAGER CONSULTING: It consists in the metaverso of the beauty. It treats of a model of innovation inmersiva 3D based in technologies of virtual reality and increased that allows to the customer have personalised and only experiences. It proposes a new form to relate without trips that does it sustainable and ranged with the strategies that proposes the EU through the bottoms Next Generation. This initiative allows until presenting products in 3D, offer conferences, gather and possess stands permanent of promotion of products.
  • MODIFACE: Thanks to the IA and to the virtual reality can test the make-up before buying it. Modiface Offers a service of virtual proof of make-up, colouring of hair, of nails and until a diagnostic of the skin. The marks retailers of beauty can offer experiences of purchase of products of beauty memorables, reducing the costs, at the same time that reduce the impact in the environment. Of this way, could delete the testers of the process of purchase, and the impact of the logistics of the management of these products and the waste that generate after his utilisation.


  • BLLAS – THE 3D IMMERSIVE MARKETPLACE: This project consists in transforming entirely a Marketplace digital devoted to the Retail, in a version 3D inmersiva, interactive and inside a Metaverso own devoted to the Beauty, Cosmetic and the Health. It is a virtual shop where offer and sell his products and services and the virtual seller has an avatar with which can interactuar to real time. The users of this virtual surroundings will have the possibility to have a personalised virtual attention.
  • ESTETICAL: The main receptor of this digital transformation are the centres of beauty. Through the software developed by Estetical that is in the cloud and is multidispositivo, offers to the owners of the centres of beauty an only integral management in the platform and that allows them manage his diary, customers, services, bonos, ticket, stock, between other multiple variables.