'H&M'is accused again of greenwashing by its line 'H&M Conscious'

The Swedish chain is marked again this year for using claims 'false and deceptive' to commercialise pieces of 'H&M Conscious'

23 of November of 2022
'H&M Conscious' accused another time for greenwashing
'H&M Conscious' accused another time for greenwashing

On 3 November H&M received in front of an American court a collective demand of 55 sheets in the which, accused to the Swedish textile giant of greenwashing. Abraham Lizana and Marc Endow, two citizens of the United States, being representatives of more interested, signalled to H&M for using fraudulently the claims of "sustainability" and of "committed with the surroundings" to attain increase his sales in the collection 'H&M Conscious'.

Both complainants have accused to the brand to having made "illicit commercial practices, disloyal, deceptive and equivocal to commercialise the pieces that corresponded to said collection." Lizana And Dowry ensure that in the preparation of the line 'H&M Conscious' transgress laws of several states of the country, between them the ones of the states of California and Missouri and that the different pieces "are not manufactured with sustainable and respectful materials with the environment."

In his web page, present this line like "products more respectful with the planet" and indicate that "at least, 50% of each piece composes of materials more sustainable, although many contain enough more than this". As it indicates a half American, the complainants alluded to that these pieces were manufactured with polyester recycled, that is considered a plastic disposable that goes wearing out with the washes and that the final destination was the dump.

It is not the first time that the Swedish chain faces up to this type of demands. Already it saw involved in another controversy the past month of August. In this case, the demand also was interposed in front of a federal court of the United States, specifically in New York, by the same case: greenwashing in his pieces. As specific in the demand, included "inaccurate and deceptive data that distorted his products like better for the environment when they were not it".

H&M and his first shop experiencial

The big fashionable chains seems that they are understanding what sues the consumer: experiences, customised and differentiation. Thus, H&M has stepped further in the world of the point of sale and the retail.

The Swedish multinational has decided to open a small space, but different in the neighbourhood of Brooklyn, specifically in Williamsburg. It inaugurated the past 18 November, and in this new shop there is a limited and exclusive assortment of shoes, dresses and other pieces of the mark. In addition to the sale of clothes, in the new point expect to receive events and incorporate the last regarding visual elements.

From H&M indicate that the shop will adapt his decoration according to the period, although they have decided to reinvent and that the alive point of sale and adapt his collections to "chapters". The "first chapter" with which opens this new concept of trade is the Christmas season. Thus, now they find pieces based in the navidad, as well as the illumination of the shop, that by means of to the illumination have reproduced snowflakes.

The customers that approach until the zone of Williamsburg will be able to experience with changing rooms that have the most leading technology, like intelligent mirrors that identify his products and provide them recommendations and looks personalised.

h&m nueva tienda
New shop of H&M in Brooklyn. Source: Fashion Network