Dia will sell his 1000 shops of Clarel after hiring to Arcane

Some of the interested in this sale would be Sephora, Primor, Kiko Milano or Druni

22 of September of 2022

As it aims 'The Confidential', the adviser delegated of DIA, that was appointed CEO the past 30 August, would have hired the services of Arcane to offer a new line in the business of the cosmetic and make-up of the mark DIA. The operation consists in the sale of 'Beauty By Dia' that commercialises under the mark Clarel. This transaction is something that already tried carry out does more than 4 years, now, himself that would have signatures interested like Druni, Marionnaud, Sephora or Kiko Milano. In 2018, the sales of the group fell more than 13% during the 9 first months of the year and the then Adviser Delegated of the company looked for "strategic alternatives" for sanear the results.

Although DIA understand to Clarel like an increasing business, the big number of present competitors in the market has done that the margins of profit tighten . DIA, controlled by the investment fund Letterone, has given the order of closure around 70 shops of Clarel that possessed in the country luso when seeing that companies like Sephora, Druni, Marionnaud or Kiko Milano won him terrain.

Clarel Was born in the year 2013, when DIA purchased in 2012 the business of Schlecker in Spain and Portugal by more than 70 million euros. With this operation, DIA attained to accumulate more than 4.000 points of sale in Spain and more than 20 warehouses.