Superfoods take center stage at the Beauty Cluster innovation conference

This new innovation conference allowed attendees to learn about the current situation of superfoods and how companies in the sector are continuing to develop new products

08 of March of 2023

The past 2 March, the Beauty Cluster celebrated a new day of innovation organised by the Innovation Specialist of the BC, Marisa Farré. In this case, the day gave beginning to the 10 of the morning, in on-line format, under the title 'Formulation and-Forum: Superfoods and cosmetic' and like these foods act in the field of the cosmetic. The event extended until the 11:30 of the morning and went directed especially to the scientific departments-technical, as well as of innovation that were interested in the formulation of cosmetic and complements alimentary.

After Marisa Farré's presentation, which explained the meaning of the widely used term "superfood", the conference then covered from an innovation and formulation standpoint what active ingredients the companies mentioned in the event have developed based on current trends.

IAt the conference, Valerie Bicard-Benhamou, Scientific Associate Director at Merck, presented her contribution 'Superfood extracts for skin loveliness' to attendees, in which she introduced the two new ingredients launched by Merck and the part they contain of these superfoods. She also presented the natural power of superfoods and their benefits, specifying that scientific excellence is one of the criteria that helped Merck in the launch of its two new extracts. These two products are RonaCare Baobab, which helps reduce skin irritation and provides strong protection of elastin and collagen fibers. Baobab is known as the 'Tree of Life', as Valerie explained. The second is RonaCare Hibiscus, which also minimizes skin irritation, helps and reinforces the care of sensitive skin, acts against oxidative stress, and protects the skin's collagen from degradation. In this case, it is related to Ayurvedic medicine. During her presentation, Bicard-Benhamou offered more details about their application and in which products they can be used and optimized

Diego Barrios, Technical Sales at Bicosome, took over and addressed the topic of 'Microalgae as a source of antioxidants: Bicoalgae XT and Bicoalgae W3'. He explained how microalgae have positioned themselves as a highly antioxidant superfood for the skin, although they present limitations in their use on the skin (for example, because they are easily degradable and have a distinct color and odor). Barrios explained how Bicosome stabilizes their bioactives and enhances their effectiveness, making them viable for use as super skinfood. In the case of Bicoalgae XT, a reduction in wrinkles as well as an improvement in skin firmness were demonstrated in efficacy studies. Bicoalgae W3, on the other hand, confirmed an improvement in lesions caused by acne

Rosana Saldaña, Technical Sales Manager and Personal Care at Lehvoss Iberia presented 'Cordyceps militaris and lactobacillus, superfood for the skin'. She explained how the fermentation of Cordyceps militaris (an edible fungus from traditional Chinese medicine) with Lactobacillus increases the concentration and bioavailability of active ingredients. The presentation served to introduce Bioyouth FCM, an active ingredient rich in cordycepin, cordycepic acid, amino acids, polysaccharides, and lactic acid, in addition to improving the response to hypoxic stress and autophagy, which results in skin improvement and illumination.

The penultimate presentation was given by Didier Marcelino, Cosmetic Export Manager at Solabia, who introduced NeoGlow, referring to the current trend of pursuing luminous skin because of what it represents: health and vitality. NeoGlow is born from an extract of kale and stimulates biological exfoliation and regenerates the epidermis. As Didier Marcelino indicated, NeoGlow is made from organic French kale extract and has been used since ancient times for its powerful protective and detoxifying properties, and the leaves of this superfood help to achieve healthy and radiant skin. During his speech, he added more details regarding the product's applications.

To conclude this enriching and interesting conference, Ángel Joan Fernandez and Elena Ilinca, both Industry Managers at Keyser&Mackay, presented their talk 'Ancient Grains: Quinoa and Teff' to the attendees. They highlighted the high protein and amino acid content of these two superfoods, which provide great efficacy for skin care. Some of these benefits include reducing sagging, less deep wrinkles, or achieving smoother and younger-looking skin.