The rise of Mass Beauty: accessibility and effectiveness in personal care

Mass Beauty is becoming an increasingly popular choice among consumers for its value and effectiveness

02 of November of 2023
Mass Beauty
Mass Beauty

You've probably already heard of it. In the world of beauty and personal care, one trend has been gaining momentum in recent years: Mass Beauty. This segment has established itself as a strong category in FMCG retailing. Increasingly, it is attracting more and more shoppers who are looking for more affordable skin care, especially in times of economic instability and who are unable to devote the financial resources they would like to spend on beauty and skin care products. The following data detailed in this article has been obtained from BeautyStreams.

Boosting the economy in Mass Beauty

In a context of economic uncertainty, Mass Beauty has emerged as an attractive option for those who wish to maintain their care routine without compromising their wallet. This trend has been endorsed by dermatologists and pharmacists, who recognise the efficacy of these affordable products.

Technology: democratising the shopping experience

Technology has played a crucial role in democratising access to personal care products. Thanks to digital platforms and apps, consumers can explore and purchase Mass Beauty products conveniently and from anywhere.

The renaissance of make-up at Mass Beauty

Make-up has experienced a renaissance in the Mass Beauty segment, capitalising on the so-called "lipstick effect" following the impact of the pandemic. This trend reflects how consumers are looking for high quality products at affordable prices, without sacrificing efficacy or performance.

Growth sustained: perspectives of the market

As BeautyStreams reports, according to Technavio Market Research, the Mass Beauty market is expected to reach an impressive $153.55 billion by 2026, growing at nearly 6% annually. This reflects consumer confidence and preference for this category.

Diversification and strategic collaborations

Major players in the beauty industry and high-end brands are entering into agreements with specialised retailers to capitalise on the Mass Beauty boom. This strategic collaboration aims to offer a wide range of products, including niche brands, to meet the diverse needs of consumers.

Challenges and opportunities in the panorama of the Mass Beauty

Mass Beauty faces constant challenges, such as competition from independent brands and consumer demand for personalisation. However, convenience and accessibility remain key factors guiding purchasing decisions.

The change in the perception of the consumer

Consumers have evolved and improved in their approach to Mass Beauty products. They are spending more time researching online, showing greater awareness of ingredients and product efficacy. This has led to an increased demand for more natural and eco-friendly products in regions such as Asia-Pacific and Latin America, where Mass Beauty is experiencing remarkable growth.

Mass Beauty has revolutionised the beauty industry by providing effective and affordable products to a wide range of consumers. Its continuous growth and adaptation to changing market demands make it a key segment in the global beauty industry.