HIGHR creates the first lipstick of carbon neutral

Molly Hart, the founder of HIGHR, pruposed the aim to create the lipstick cleaner with the cleanest energy

10 of November of 2022
HIGHR lipstick
HIGHR lipstick

Molly Hart, the founder of HIGHR, was during years in the world of the make-up, forming part of marks like MAC. Be inside the industry, has done him darse, as it has explained to Beauty Matter, that in the field of the make-up, the category more invasive regarding the environment was the category of the labial. She same proposed manufacture the labial cleaner possible, with the cleanest energy possible.

Hart Does a special upsetting in the inefficiency and the mistaken decisions by part of the authorities to reduce the impact that generates in the environment through some measures regularities correct.

As it exposes Molly, his company moves thanks to the use of renewable energies, specifically, 100% of the energy employed to manufacture the lipstick is solar, whereas the one who uses for the packaging is aeolian. In this case, the lipsticks formulate and afterwards produce using the solar energy of the laboratories situated in Los Angeles. With regard to the ingredients that find in the composition of these labial, Hart indicates that 70% of the components are organic, replacing the silicones and polyethylenes. "I wanted that the lipstick was the most organic possible because all what is in the lip, is ingest" shares the founder of HIGHR with Beauty Matter.

Hart Admits that his experience when it was youngster as 'customer salts' has helped him to schedule how wanted to build his own mark "had to work my way from the bottom of this industry, beginning behind the counter of a shop of make-up. There is not any title that help you to understand to the consumer of beauty. You have to do the effort to understand the operation of this industry. It is not at all easy."

The products of the mark HIGHR are manufactured in United States, by what of this way, reduce the broadcasts of CO2 to the not having decentralised the production. This, is a statement of intentions of what looks for Molly Hart: sustainability.

The future of HIGHR? Hart Explains that his intention is to follow adjusting his products to the needs that present the consumer. Besides, it poses continue opening new points of entrance in the category of lips. "All the world touches the category of lips, but no all the world uses labial pencil. We know it. We will be us braching in a territory of soft colour and balsam so that all can change his products of lips to HIGHR." But, How it will be the future of the beauty in a world in which apparently, the consumer, every time has more in account the impact and his environmental footprint? Hart, shows hopefully: "the customer speaks more than ever and always has clear what wants: true sustainability, products cleaner, inclusion and responsibility. Now it depends on the companies listen them and act through business decisions."