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Anubis Barcelona goes one step further with Sublime D-Lift

The professional cosmetics company sends a clear message with its latest launch and faces the future with strength, modernity, sensoriality and image

05 of May of 2023
Josep Mª Sainz CEO of Anubis
Josep Mª Sainz CEO of Anubis

Last March, Anubis presented its latest and most recent launch at Juno House: Sublime D-Lift. The firm, located in the Catalan town of Sabadell, held an exclusive event that brought together VIPs, media and social media to officially unveil its new Sublime D-Lift facial line.

This new lifting-tightening facial line is designed to lift the neck, chin, facial oval, cheekbones and eyebrows. The line includes a lifting-multivitamin cabin treatment with innovative high-performance formulas with an immediate and cumulative lifting effect suitable for appliances. The at-home treatment is prescribed with a powerful serum with DMAE, hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C. As well as an effective cream with DMAE, Vitasource® and Zirhafirm®.

After the successful launch of Sublime D-Lift, 'Next in Beauty' has interviewed Josep Mª Sainz to learn more about the situation of Anubis and what is the roadmap for the company.

  • How has Anubis evolved in recent years and what does Josep Mª Sainz highlight most about the company?

The company is undergoing a substantial change with the consolidation of the generational change.

The elaboration of a 3-year strategic plan implies accelerating the speed of growth and international presence, as well as the definition of a new product development plan.

A new attitude and business concept has implied continually challenging ourselves to consider new opportunities, adapting to the needs and trends of the market.

  • What is the secret of being in the market for more than 40 years and not lagging behind?

We maintain our founding values intact: service, efficiency, proximity and quality. These are the pillars on which our commitment and relationship with our partners is based.

Our objective of creating long-lasting quality relationships has made Anubis a safe bet that has maintained and reaffirmed us in the international market for so long as a reliable partner.

  • En los años 90, Anubis inicia su proceso de expansión internacional. Posteriormente, en la década del 2010, Anubis se consolida e implanta la marca en Medio Oriente y comienza a hacerse fuerte distribuyendo en otros puntos de América del Sur, ¿Cómo ha sido este proceso y qué territorios quiere explorar en el presente y en el futuro Anubis Cosmetics? ¿Pasan los planes de la compañía por Asia?

Anubis' expansion plan is ambitious and we have a long way to go. We firmly believe that this process must be ongoing but diligent, as these alliances are strategic and our future success will depend on them. The strategic plan I mentioned earlier defines our roadmap and the priorities to work on, such as our presence in the USA and improving our presence in some European countries, where there is a lot of potential for improvement.

  • What is the current positioning and situation of Anubis in the national market?

We are experiencing growth in 2023 compared to last year, although it is true that at the national level we have suffered the consequences of the pandemic, which have been prolonged due to the uncertainty it has caused.

We remain very committed to the development and visibility of the brand in Spain, for which we are also defining various courses of action, obviously including a digital strategy.

  • From your experience in the foreign market, what are the main differences between the Spanish and international markets and what could the Spanish beauty industry "learn" from other markets in which you operate?

We continue to see that market trends are led by other markets such as Asia, especially in retail products. We have some unfinished business at national level in terms of sustainability and care for the environment, both in terms of packaging and formulations.

We will also see how the emergence of AI will affect us, which could be a great challenge and a real revolution in every sense of the word.

  • What role does innovation play at Anubis Cosmetics and what market trends does the company have on its radar?

Innovation and development play an important role in our company. As a professional cosmetics company, we demand the highest standards of quality, efficacy and innovation in our formulas in order to always offer a top quality product with the latest innovations; trendy ingredients, formulas with more potent active ingredients, also avoiding those ingredients that are controversial or of dubious reputation.

The incursion into new product categories is also a project that we are promoting at Anubis for 2024.

  • What has the launch of 'SUBLIME D-LIFT' meant for the company?

The presentation of Sublime D-lift is a declaration of intent of how Anubis faces the future; with strength, modernity, sensoriality and image always based on efficiency and quality assurance.

We mark a before and after in our way of communicating, presenting and defining ourselves.

  • What does Josep Maria Sainz expect from Anubis Cosmetics in 2023 and what are the company's future plans?

At Anubis we hope to continue working hard, with enthusiasm, building and strengthening our international position as we have been doing.

We are in the process of expanding our facilities, doubling our warehouse, laboratory, etc... so we are preparing for a promising future.