'Soulful Rituals', the limited edition that offers a holistic vision of wellness

Love, happiness and good fortune are the common thread of this exclusive collection

23 of September of 2022
Soulful Rituals
Soulful Rituals

Rituals Cosmetics presents a very special limited edition, 'Soulful Rituals', to enrich our lives by charging our body, mind, and soul with experiences and emotions that awaken our senses. Devoting moments of personal relaxation is key to recovering and maintaining balance. Understand that, beyond pursuing success through material things, it is in love, happiness, and fortune where it really resides. Love as a universal feeling that unites us with everything and everyone around us, the happiness that comes from enjoying our day-to-day life and is not limited to a fleeting goal, and the fortune of recognizing and valuing who we are.

'Soulful Rituals' unfolds in three lines, Love, Happiness, and Good Fortune, and each one with iconic Rituals products such as shower foam, body cream, fragrance sticks, candle and gift box. Products that collect special and different aromas, which translate the feelings that give them their name into aromatic notes.

  • LOVE: the queens of flowers, jasmine, and rose, combine their fragrances to reach the depths of our soul and awaken in us a feeling of true love, caring for our skin daily with soft and nourishing textures, and dressing the home with its delicious aromatic notes.
  • HAPINESS: happiness is without a doubt the feeling that we long for the most, although achieving it is easier than it seems if we accept that it is born from the small moments of each day and not from impossible goals... The aromas of neroli and sandalwood, sparkling and comforting like no other, when they are combined, they imbue us with it through smell.
  • GOOD FORTUNE: we are fortunate when we accept and enjoy who we are, when we value and care for what we have, those around us, and what we have achieved, and look at the road ahead with optimism. That is a true fortune. In this collection, this powerful feeling is drawn with notes of patchouli and mandarin orange that, together, offer a unique and generous aroma that embraces, comforts, and rewards us on a daily basis.

This edition limited is already available in Rituals shops, selected points of sale, and in: Rituals.com