Virospack's one-piece dropper reinforces its commitment to the environment

Virospack eliminates two manufacturing processes and becomes more environmentally friendly.

28 of March of 2023

Leaf Shave Oil is a vegan oil formulation, ideal for skin care before, during and after shaving. A delicate formulation to protect the skin of the face and body, suitable for women and men.

It is a mild, non-comedogenic shaving oil, which locks in skin moisture and provides vital conditioning and soothing to prevent razor burn, skin irritation from shaving or waxing, as well as ingrown hairs and dry skin.

A container thought to reduce waste

Committed to sustainability and the environment, and always looking for natural active ingredients for its formulas and ecological materials for its packaging, LEAF chose VIROSPACK to manufacture the complete packaging for this new oil. A presentation consisting of a moulded glass bottle and a dropper with a 100% natural wooden cap.

The bottle, completely transparent and decorated with silk-screen printing, with a capacity of 30 ml, offers last-drop technology, which ensures maximum use of all the product it contains. A bottle to avoid waste, to use every last drop. The dropper, with a cap made of responsibly sourced wood as accredited by its fsc certification, is made from a single piece of wood. A unique proposal on the market developed by Virospack that eliminates two manufacturing processes and is therefore more respectful of our planet.

Normally a dropper with a wooden finish would have an inner plastic cap that would be glued to the wooden sleeve. In this case, Virospack avoids the plastic part and the gluing process as there are no two parts attached to each other. A dropper with a completely natural cap, as, we insist, it is a single piece of wood, which greatly reduces the dropper's carbon footprint.