The latest release of 'Virospack': new duomix 2.0

It stands out for its innovative design that integrates a longer piston with a twist activation system, intuitive and easy to use

28 of February of 2023
Latest Virospack release
Latest Virospack release

'Virospack' presents a new system of dispensation of dust for cosmetics formulated with two extemporaneous components, with a new design and a greater capacity in his deposit versus other options of the market.

We speak of a new proposal in packaging for mixes of dust with liquid or of liquid with liquid, available now also in 2 ml of capacity. A new proposal that active by means of twist, and no by means of pressure, ideal for formulas that need to keep his two separate components and intact until the moment of his use, ensuring like this his total integrity and efficiency.

Both references of the new 'DUOMIX Twist & Shake' fit perfectly with the tubular jars of the company offering like this a pack complete of the capacity that the mark need:

  • DUO.M2.0 camera of 2ml: compatible with the jars of tubular glass of Virospack of 10 or 15ml of capacity.
  • DUO.M2.0 camera of 3ml: compatible with the viales of glass of tube of the company of 10 or 15ml, as well as also with the ones of 20ml of capacity.

In both cases are speaking of jars of glass of big lightness and an excellent transparency and high quality, ideals like containers of the delicate formulas of beauty. All the parts are personalizables and the final container therefore totally differentiated.