Iberchem promotes the creation of natural fragrances

The leading company in the production of fragrances has launched an application that facilitates the process of creating fragrances

21 of February of 2023
VITA of Iberchem
VITA of Iberchem

Iberchem has presented it new tool known as VITA in front of the increasing demand by part of the consumers to purchase natural scents. VITA offers precise data on naturalidad to create the development of natural scents.

VITA calculates and analyses the naturalidad of the scents in accordance with the norm ISO16128. It employs a technology SAP and a complex coding that calculates with precision the natural ingredients and of natural origin of the scents.

"The creation of VITA would not have been possible without our experts in regulation and the wide collaboration with our team of the department of IT", affirms Paola Armengol Barriga, Global Director of Regulation in Iberchem. "VITA will elevate of level to Iberchem in the industry of the natural scents, since this new digital development allows the creation of natural scents with greater speed, precision, and accuracy. It is thrilling to see how VITA implements in the operations of business of Iberchem and expect to see how the creation of the natural scents is possible thanks to VITA."

As they indicate from the company, the development of this tool allows them follow fulfilling his aim of commitment with the sustainability and increase the transparency with his customers. Together with VITA, the stamp Green Future of Iberchem has facilitated the identification of solutions of sustainable scents, what means that Iberchem offers a wide range of options to measure for all the sectors and applications.