Firmenich presents new advances in 'EcoScent Compass'

This renewed and updated tool allows us to meet the demands and expectations of the consumer

31 of January of 2023

Firmenich announced yesterday through a press release the launching of EcoScent Compass Next Generation. This is an integrated tool of measurement of impact based in the science for the design of scents. It offers data of sustainability and is the new version of which launched in the 2018. Firmenich presents it like an advance in the sustainability and a big exercise of transparency during the creation of scents.

This improvement of the tool allows getting better the capacity of communication of the customers regarding its progress in matter of sustainability to the consumers.

"In Firmenich, follow marking the way when it treats of the sustainability in the scents by the pioneering transparency in the industry. The transformations of sustainability depend of the exchange of data and, with EcoScent Compass and Next Generation, allow to our customers evaluate his creations, take intelligent decisions and help them to reach his aims of sustainability", affirms Ilaria Subtracts, president of Perfumery of Firmenich.

The points of additional data support a vision of sustainability more precise and complete of the scent. The perfumers of Firmenich find that the integration of EcoScent Compass in his stations of work, an only characteristic of the company, is a significant enabler to design conscious scents and ensuring the best smell for the consumer.

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Firmenich Ecoscent Compass