Inditex invests 100 million euros in fibre textile recycled

The giant of the textile advances to the sustainability and engages to that in the next 3 years, 30% of his production will be of textile fibre recycled

01 of July of 2022

The last month of May, Inditex communicated that it had reached an agreement of collaboration with Infinited Fiber Company. In the agreement the Spanish employer Amancio Ortega engaged to purchase by more than 100 millions, during the three next years, 30% of the volume of production of Infinna, a textile fibre elaborated by the Finnish signature and that it can be created of whole way from the textile residue. This project engloba in the Sustainability Innovation Hub of Inditex, a platform of open innovation that works beside startups, academic institutions and technological centres to promote, create and organise innovative initiatives that have new materials, technologies and processes with the aim to reduce the environmental footprint in the products and processes related with the industry of the fashion and that, besides, help to achieve sustainable solutions and, therefore, end also in solutions of circular production, reducing the use of virgin resources.

First collection capsule

Although this operation will not initiate until the next 2024, Inditex launched a small advance of what will mean this agreement. It presented a first capsule with pieces that incorporate this type of material. These fibres proceeded in his majority of pieces of Cáritas, entity that collaborates in the program of collected of clothes used of Zara. The collection already is available in all the points of sale of Zara to international level, and also can obtain through the web page of the signature.

By a sustainable industry

As it indicated 'Digital Economy', on the other hand, in addition to this gesture in favour of a more sustainable industry, also has tried to approach postures with the Portuguese signature Altri, with which Inditex has the intention to develop two plants: one of soluble paste, the prime matter for diverse textile fibres, and another of lyocell, the sustainable fabric.

"We believe firmly that the innovation is key for the competitive future and circulate of the industry of the fashion; and, thus, we work actively in the research of new solutions from new alliances, processes and material that help us to achieve the obtaining of new pertinent fibres of textile waste pre and post consumption", explained the director of Sustainability of Inditex, Javier Losada.