BASF partners with Nilit to launch a capsule collection at Zara

It is composed by a total of 3 pieces, all in black and in 96% the main material is the polyamide

14 of March of 2023
Zara x BASF
Zara x BASF

The main brand of Inditex, property of Amancio Ortega, has decided to give a push to the sustainability and the innovation with the creation of this new collection capsule that has contrived and developed with Nilit, an Israeli company specialised in the manufacture of polyamide and with the chemical BASF. The big novelty and peculiarity of this collection is that the material employed in these clothes are polyamide that has been obtained from renewable resources.

As it indicates in 'Fashion United', this collection has been developed under the Sustainability Innovation Hub of Inditex, a platform that was born in 2021, with the intention to open the innovation and look for promote technologies disruptive with other companies and collaborators.

This collection is composed by a total of 3 pieces, all they have been made with 96% of polyamide and all of black colour.

This polyamide is conformed from adipic acid in 55% that is used to manufacture from resources fossils like the natural gas or the oil. In this case, BASF, the German chemical company has elaborated this adipic acid with a pertinent prime matter of the fermentation of organic waste.