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What have to know on the rPET and reason marks the difference?

28 of March of 2023
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The PET (polyethylene tereftalato) is the king of the containers thanks to his resistance to the water and to the air, his lightness or his capacity to bear loads and pressures without deforming . Besides, it stands out for being a versatile plastic with a wide variety of applications like bottles, containers of foods or textile fibres.

But, And if we could have all this in a more sustainable product? The rPET is the answer. The PET is a recyclable material that can transform in rPET (PET recycled), what turns it into an ecological and sustainable alternative for the manufacture of containers.

The rPET manufactures from bottles of plastic used that they collect , trituran and process (mechanical recycling or chemist) in new resins of PET. When using rPET, reduces the quantity of plastic that sends to the dumps and avoids that they produce more broadcasts of gases of effect invernadero.

The innovation in the world of the packaging and containers never detains , and is one of the last tendencies that is taking strength is the PET/rPET matt. Traditionally, the PET always has presented a brilliant format, but achieve a matt finishing is something totally innovative that opens a big abánico of possibilities.

The rPET matt offers a modern and sophisticated appearance for the consumers and can mark the difference in an increasingly competitive market. This finishing can be particularly useful for some products, like the cosmetics and of personal care, where the appearance and the presentation are fundamental for the decision of purchase. Besides, regarding the terms of manufacture, are exactly the same for the brilliants that for the containers of PET standard.

But the innovation does not detain here: the use of rPET in the manufacture of the PET matt is even more interesting. When using rPET, Is taking a conscious decision of sustainability and environmental responsibility, something very valued by the consumers concerned by the environment.

It is important to stand out that, in spite of this innovation, keeps on being a very valuable material in the world of the packaging, since it follows keeping his original characteristics.

Although the rPET is an ecological alternative, sustainable and very interesting to the PET, is considerable to remember that it still has some small disadvantages. One of them, is the fault of homogeneity regarding the colours of the final product. When being fact with bottles of plastic recycled, the rPET can have variations of colour that can be difficult to control and can affect the aesthetics of the container. To avoid this problem, can use rPET from recycled chemist.

In Envaselia, are to the avant-garde of the innovation and offer options of PET and rPET matt to help to our customers to differentiate in the market and contribute his granite of sand in the protection of the environment.

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