Virospack receives International Sustainability and Carbon Certification

The achievement of this certification marks a significant milestone as the world's first certification scheme for biomass and bioenergy

08 of May of 2024

Virospack has achieved International Sustainability and Carbon Certification PLUS (ISCC PLUS) and marks a significant milestone as the world's first certification system for biomass and bioenergy.

The ISCC is a globally recognised sustainability certification system covering a variety of sustainable resources, such as agricultural and forestry biomass, bio-based and circular materials, and renewable energies. It ensures traceability, transparency and a deforestation-free supply chain, protecting land with high biodiversity value and carbon storage. In addition, the ISCC standard adheres to human, labour and land rights, as well as good management practices. The ISCC provides methodologies, standards and guidelines for calculating and verifying greenhouse gas emissions and reductions, gaining recognition in the plastics industry.

This certification applies to Virospack's plastic manufacturing lines in Spain, covering PP, TPE, PBT, PET, copolymers, HDPE and LDPE. These are used in the production of packaging components such as droppers, caps, closures, applicators, pumps and roll-ons.

Aïda Rodriguez, CEO of Virospack, explained the importance and significance of achieving the certifications for Virospack: ‘Obtaining ISCC PLUS certifications for our production plant marks a significant milestone in our dedication to moving towards a carbon neutral circular economy. It reflects our ongoing commitment to provide customers with a wide range of sustainable polymer solutions. The ISCC PLUS certification ensures the use of recycled and renewable resources, enabling the production of more sustainable products for our customers."

With a commitment to global environmental conservation and ensuring safety in people's daily lives, Virospack aims to improve corporate activities and gain greater trust from our stakeholders by expanding the use of ISCC certified products.