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A Dow material distributed by Safic-Alcan: SURLYN™ Ionomers

14 of March of 2023
 SURLYN™ Ionomers
SURLYN™ Ionomers

With SURLYN™ you will be able to manufacture containers and caps of luxury, imitating to the glass, brilliant if it wishes it and with all type of thicknesses.

Dow, in collaboration with Safic-Alcan, commercialises SURLYN™ Ionomers, a material that offers a wide fan of possibilities to the creation of cosmetic packaging, such as caps of perfume and jars of cream. This material characterises by it excellent aesthetic quality and it capacity to offer creative freedom to the designers of packagings.

The technology of the ionomer allows an only neutral transparency, even in thick walls, and an extraordinary shine. Besides, others of his qualities is that it is easily moldable, what allows the creation of forms complicated with an elegant appearance. The objects of SURLYN™ Ionomers also have a soft feeling and reduced fingerprint marks, which leads to an improved user experience.

The portfolio products of SURLYN™ Ionomers is divided in two categories: Blow molding resins and high-performance extrusion resins. Both types of resins are easy to process, offer good chemical and scratch resistance, and have good barrier properties.

The most interesting is that the containers created with SURLYN™ Ionomers also are recyclable. The scraps can be recycled to produce caps of perfume or other applications, like footwear, using the mechanical recycling. Although there are limitations regarding the quality and the scalable volume, Dow is exploring the possibility to use raw matters BIO origin and/or circulate to help to reduce the carbon footprint and accelerate the recyclability of the product.

Although the aesthetics and the creativity are important in the cosmetic industry, don't have to overlook the sustainability. The capacity to recycle the containers of SURLYN™ Ionomers, together with the efforts of Dow to improving the sustainability of the material, turn it into an attractive option for the marks that look for respectful products with the environment.

It can find all the range of SURLYN™ and of other products Dow following the link.

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