Vytrus registers its first patent for hair loss in the United States, Europe and Japan

It is a 100% natural asset from turmeric stem cells

09 of January of 2023
New launchment of Vytrus
New launchment of Vytrus

Vytrus Begins the 2023 to the big and of celebration. The past 3 January, the company devoted to the ingredients and active derived of cells vegetal mother for the cosmetic industry, has attained the approval of his first patent for the prevention and treatment of the fall of hair in Europe, United States and Japan.

"PEPTIDES AND PHARMACEUTICAL, NUTRACEUTICAL OR VETERINARY COMPOSITIONS FOR HAIR LOSS PREVENTION AND/OR TREATMENT" has been the name chosen by Vytrus to register his patent in front of the respective authorities in Europe, United States and Japan.

Capilia Longa, the active 100% natural that reactivates hair growth

The active was recognised with the award Beauty Industry Awards and reactive the growth of the hair, nourishes it, regenerates the pilose follicle in a global approach based in the nature and a sustainable and efficient biotechnology. The active is created from cells mother of turmeric.

As they express in his web page, Capilia Longa™, promotes the growth, the density and the quality of the hair, delays of the fall of the hair, starting over the cycle capillary, active the regeneration of the follicle pilose and stimulates the microcirculation and nutrition of the bulb.