Spanish cosmetics companies meet in Elche at the 1st Forum of the Cosmetics Sector in the Valencian Community

There was also time for networking, with a 'Meeting Point' and a showroom where participating companies and laboratories exhibited their latest products and innovations

29 of May of 2023
I Foro Cosmética Comunidad Valenciana
I Foro Cosmética Comunidad Valenciana

The first Cosmetics Sector Forum of the Valencian Community was held in Elche on 18 May. The focus of the event was on trends, science and innovation in the cosmetics industry with the collaboration of start-ups, companies and relevant entities in the beauty industry such as the Beauty Cluster. All these actors present in the industry met in the Innova Building, in the UMH Campus in the city of Elche. 

The day lasted from 9:30 to 14:00h and offered interesting and high-level presentations thanks to the presence of researchers and professionals from leading companies in the sector such as Germaine de Capuccini, Ainia and Suavinex. They detailed both the latest innovations and success stories.

The success stories were of interest to the more than one hundred attendees at the event who witnessed how 'Vera & The Birds' was developed by the CEO, Álex López. 

Marisa Ferré, Innovation Specialist at Beauty Cluster, presented her paper 'Innovation and cosmetic trends' in which she highlighted the role of biology, sustainability and deep tech as drivers of innovation in the cosmetics sector. "The beauty and personal care sector produces 120 billion packages annually, most of which are single-use. Much of this packaging is too small to be recycled. This raises a number of issues that will need to be addressed by key players in the industry in order to take care of the skin, without forgetting to take care of the planet," explained Ferré. 

In terms of innovation in the field of biology, Ferré highlighted some promising initiatives such as the in-vitro stem cell maturation technique to obtain bacteria-free lavender or the development of a home-use RNA test to determine atopic skin in children. He also did not want to overlook the current revolution brought about by the arrival of scientific and technological innovations such as artificial intelligence in the field of cosmetics and explained that there are already some pioneering projects such as the odour map that manages to predict how a molecule smells based on its structure; another is based on the development of a Blockchain technology application focused on the traceability of cosmetic active ingredients.

Like culmination of the day, Ivan Borrego, General Director of the Beauty Cluster, went the attendant to moderate the last New round "table paradigm in the cosmetic industry" in which they participated Ana Latorre, Brand Manager in Germaine of Capuccini; Chema González, Marketing Manager Cosmetic & Scents of Suavinex; Laura Martín, Development of Business Unit Technologies in AINIA; Alex López, CEO & Founder in Vera & The Birds and Javier Sancho, Director of the Area of Emprendimiento PCUMH.

In addition to the interventions given by the experts of the sector, also there was time for the meeting and networking, with a 'Meeting Point' and a showroom in which the companies and laboratories participants exposed his products and novelties more recent.