This is how Puig's first days on the stock exchange have gone

The Catalan cosmetics, perfumery and beauty group was floated on the stock exchange last Friday

08 of May of 2024
Marc Puig Executive President of Puig
Marc Puig Executive President of Puig

About to celebrate its first week on the stock market, Puig has had the biggest stock market exit so far this year in Europe. The Puig group's shares closed their second session higher, up 4%, after the first session, on 3 May, when its shares rose by up to 8%. 

The company set its share price at 24.50 euros, but last Tuesday it reached 25.50 euros, and last Friday it almost reached 26 euros, although it ended the day flat, at 0%. 

Goldmand Sachs has not yet commented on the purchase of up to 15% of the total 24% of the company's shares listed on the stock exchange. 

As points out, with the market value achieved, Puig is one of the largest companies on the Spanish stock exchange and ranks seventeenth among the country's listed companies and fifteenth on the Ibex.

Some suggest that Puig will join the Ibex 35 in December after meeting the requirements of capitalisation, liquidity and the six-month control period of listing. 

Puig's IPO was the largest since that of Aena and was listed on the Barcelona, Bilbao and Valencia stock exchanges. 

During the first day, Puig unveiled the evolution of its visual identity to commemorate a new chapter in the company's history. Puig explained that the new logo pays tribute to Puig's past and future and reflects the brand's values. This new image has been created in collaboration with the French art and design agency M/M (Paris) and its evolution is based on the original work of the Swiss designer Yves Zimmerman for the company. 

Puig's CEO explained that this is a special moment for Puig and reflects tradition and innovation: ‘In this moment of transformation for Puig, we wanted to reinforce who we are, what we do and what we stand for: a Home of Creativity. We connect our long history with our commitment to innovation and our discretion with our sensibility as a place where brands can shine, people can grow and bold ideas are celebrated,’ he said.