BASF And Merck grow in 2022 in spite of the current challenges and difficulties of the market

Both companies warn a brake of the growth in 2023 by the encarecimiento of the fuels and energies, in addition to the inflation

09 of March of 2023
Merck and BASF support the adversity of the market
Merck and BASF support the adversity of the market

The Group BASF has given to know his last numbers regarding the economic exercise of 2022. Figures, that as it has signalled, have seen affected by the war of Ukraine, the increase of the prices of the prime matters and the energy. With this stage, the German group has achieved to add some sales that have reached the 87.300 million euros (+11,1% with regard to the previous year), what means an EBIT before extraordinary 6.900 million euros, figure that has seen prejudiced with regard to the previous year with a decrease of 11,5%.

The segments of Materials and Chemical Products have suffered the consequences of the increases of price higher. As it has indicated the group, the results of the Group BASF have seen conditioned by the additional cost of the energy, by value of 3.200 million euros all over the world.

Still like this, the Group BASF in 2022 was considerably better that in 2021, reaching an EBIT of 6.500 million euros, although his sales fell 2,3% in the last quarter of the year by the descent of volume of this.

In how much to the 2023, the group BASF foresees that his growth was lower during this year by the extension of the war of Ukraine, and in consequence, the high cost of the prime matters and the energy in Europe. Also they will influence the types of interest and the inflation. Thus, the German group foresees a moderate growth of 1,6% for the global economy in 2023, headed by 2% in the production of global chemicals. It expects to generate some sales from among 84.000 and 87.000 million euros this 2023, lower figure that 2022.

Merck Elusive the difficulties of the 2022

From the headquarters of Merck, in Germany, have confirmed that have achieved profits and a growth in spite of the high challenges that have given in the 2022. The net sales of the group increased 12,9% (organically: 6,4%) to 22.232 million euros in comparison with the previous year. The line of Healthcare was the one who promoted the growth of sales.

As it has indicated in the communiqué issued by the company, the growth of the sales was promoted by all the regions and commercial sectors, especially by Life Science. The three main businesses - Process Solutions and Life Science Services, new products of medical attention and Solutions of semiconductors - represented almost 90% of the organic growth of the sales. The EBITDA pre increased 12,2% to 6.849 million euros.

Regarding expansion, In 2022, Merck continued with the global expansion of his business. Like this, the company is establishing the base for a greater growth, to the time that diversifies and regionaliza his chains of production and supply. The investments announced by Merck included the enlargement of the centres of Life Science of Cork (Ireland), Rockville (Maryland, EE.UU), Molsheim (France) and Wuxi (China).

"The strong development of the main business of Life Science compensated with grow the decrease expected in the demand related with Covid-19. Other strategic engines of growth, to know, the new products of medical attention and our unit of business of Solutions of semiconductors, also had a good exert in the fiscal exercise 2022" explained Belén Garijo, Chair of the Executive Board and Supervisory Board.

The predictions of Merck for 2023 is that it will be another full year of challenges and assumes it with the same risks that BASF. To short half term, expect to reach in 2023 25 trillion net euros in sales.

On the other hand, they expect to grow orgánicamente in net sales and that all his areas of business contribute to this, experiencing a greater growth in 'Process Solutions' and 'Healthcare Products'.

Merck In the press release has signalled that the 2023 poses it like a year of decreasing regarding EBITDA since it will be marked by the inflation.