Santiago Bau assumes the role of financial director after the dismissal of Óscar Fernández de Llano

Fernández de Llano would have refused another role and has abandoned ECI of way 'friendly'

21 of September of 2022
El Corte Inglés
El Corte Inglés

Óscar Fernández Flat has left to be the financial director of the group El Corte Inglés and the 'holding' of big warehouses faces up to a deep remodeling of his cúpula managerial. By the moment, the financial director in functions will be Santiago Bau, who already substituted to Víctor of the Pozo, beside José Maria Folache.

As it indicates 'The Confidential', El Corte Inglés proposed to Fernández of Flat other functions of which exerted, because the man of confidence to occupy the charge of Financial Director was Santiago Bau. In front of this unexpected change for Fernández of Flat decided to go out of the company of friendly way. Fernández of Flat commissioned to direct the first broadcasts of bonos of the group and positioned like link with the banks creditors in the agreed refinances between 2014 and 2022.

Movement in the cúpula managerial of 'El Corte Inglés'

In March of this same year, the company announced also the exit of his CEO, Víctor of the Pozo, who had been chosen by the board of shareholders to less than two months. Still like this, the group affirmed that the employer had left the company by "own request and personal reasons". The board of directors directed by Marta Álvarez-Guil approved the exit of Of the Pozo of the group, who was the person of maximum confidence for the sisters Álvarez-Guil.

The exit of Fernández of Flat joins also to the dismissals of Dimas Gimeno in the summer of 2018, and of the his back successor, Nuño of Rosa who occupied his charge so only a year.